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Spiritual Discipline Brings Joy!

I find that by following Spirit’s guidance I cannot fail. Spirit doesn’t fail and neither can I. That’s such a good feeling. It took me developing a great willingness and doing a LOT of forgiveness work to get to the peaceful place I live in now. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

In the Stop Playing Small retreat this weekend, we’ve been talking about how easy it is to decide [1] to do the laundry instead of our spiritual practice. “Let me clean up the kitchen first, or run these errands.” In this, we’re all the same.

I have a friend who basically won’t take any phone calls or do anything on the computer until her basic spiritual practice is done. Even though she’s a dedicated practitioner she knows that if she delays her practice to the afternoon momentum is lost and she will be less dedicated, less devoted, less in synch.

I absolutely LOVE to get up at 5 am and begin with spiritual practice.

I love to build the momentum of doing that 40 days in a row without fail. Even if I worked till midnight. I keep my agreement with myself.

Folks who are in class with me learn that a commitment to a simple spiritual practice for a length of time like 21, 30, 40, 90 days or a year builds focus [2], mental strength, self-love, and self-esteem. We often look outside ourselves for these things, but they can only come from within.

Let’s not fool ourselves anymore.
Let’s be ALL IN [3] for our connection with Spirit.

Doing it together is a wonderful way to build momentum. Many who are in my year-long Masterful Living [4] Course have joined me in doing simple meditation practice. People have had such wonderful benefits that I decided to do a 40 Day Challenge and open it to everyone.

In yesterday’s blog on the Kirtan Kriya, I explained about my 40 Day Kirtan Kriya Challenge. I’m excited for us to build some group momentum and I do hope you’ll check it out and join us.

There’s no cost to join the challenge – this is just a gift [5] from the Power of Love Ministry to you.

Click here to learn more about the Kirtan Kriya 40 Day Challenge! [6]

It’s my joy to share this spiritual practice that supports us in so many ways.

Let’s have fun with it together!