Spiritual Victory!

September 3, 2020

Let’s choose to be victorious!

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This year has been a focused year of spiritual growth and development for me.  I’ve been offering a lot of extra classes plus the Sunday’s with Spirit.  The more I serve, the happier and more fulfilled I feel.  

Happiness is conditional.  And nothing is more happy making than being of service to the light.  It’s a deep kind of happiness that really is more like Joy, which is unconditional.  

Joy comes from being in alignment with our own Higher Holy Spirit Self.

Can I tell you how glad and grateful I am that I’m even better at getting out of my own way?  I am beyond grateful any time I can choose Peace instead of needing to be right, more and more and MORE!  I’m not 100% at choosing Peace yet, but I’m getting closer, I can feel it, and I’m so grateful for that!

I feel victorious ANY time that I can choose to be compassionate instead of needing to be right, and work my will!  I celebrate my win!  

For me, it’s all about deciding that Peace is more important.

We learn there’s no value to being right all the time.  NO VALUE at all.  There’s extraordinary value in being compassionate.

The more that I love myself, and nurture myself, the more I am inclined to choose Peace instead of conflict.

All conflict in the world comes from thinking we’d like Peace, but then not choosing it.  

We say we love our loved ones, but then we’re mean, manipulative, uncaring, or disrespectful.  Then, we feel guilty.  Then we feel bad.  Then we feel angry about feeling bad and guilty because we know we did it to ourselves.  And then we punish them for making us feel this way, which just triggers more guilt, because it’s not about them.  We did it to ourselves.  

It’s a cycle of punishment and acting out, and feeling guilty, bad, ashamed, resentful, regretful and on and on.  

We interrupt the pattern by choosing Peace.  Peace is our natural state, and we can remember it.  Life is loving us by triggering us so that we’ll get into the habit of choosing Peace and heal all the triggers.  

Every trigger is a golden opportunity to choose again and choose Peace.

We can learn to be grateful for the opportunity and in that choice is our healing and the world’s.  BONUS!

Can you share an example of choosing Peace that inspires you in the comments?

I’m getting ready for my Stop Playing Small Online Retreat in just 2 weeks.  If you’d really like to do this healing work of letting go of complaints and the other things that stand in our way of happiness and Peace, consider joining us.  You can change your entire life, your relationships, your experience, your finances, your body, your happiness and peace of mind.   Consider this:

You will never regret your choice, and you’ll only be so glad you did – at least that’s what I hear from the people who have done it.

Get going. Take action. Be aggressive about working with your mind. DO NOT DELAY. If you’re waiting, if you’re not getting the results you’d like, what are you waiting for?

Don’t take my word for it, read the testimonials from those who have done this work with me. They believed that nothing would work for them, and they were willing to do something different anyway. Now, they’re not playing small anymore. They’re not letting fear dictate their life. They have a real and powerful connection with Spirit.

If you’re ready to make a change, and you’d like some REAL support to make a LASTING change, TAKE ACTION! If you’re interested in either my Stop Playing Small Online Retreat or Finding Freedom From Fear Online Spiritual Bootcamp, but you aren’t sure if either is right for you right now, book an Exploratory Call with one of the spiritual counselors. The call is free and you’ll find benefit in addition to getting all your questions answered. Click here now to book an Exploratory Call with a Spiritual Counselor.

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    When Happiness Feels Elusive
    When Happiness Feels Elusive
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