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Tik Tok

I have to laugh. Life is so silly sometimes.

Of course, I’ve known about the social media app Tik Tok for some time now, but I never had an inclination to check it out.

I use social media, but it’s not really on my radar that strongly. I’m more of a nature [1] girl.

Then, I heard that TIK TOK would be banned for new users, but that “they” wouldn’t take it away if we already had it and already had an account.

So, over the weekend I decided to get the app and check it out. I got this strong intuition to take a look.

OMG, I have seen some really, REALLY funny and creative things and now I get it! I’ve seen SUCH creative things. I’m SO impressed.

There’s also a lot of vulgar, not fun or funny things, but I don’t seem to be seeing much of those.

I would likely not have bothered to look at Tik Tok if it weren’t possibly going to be banned.

Spirit, weirdly, directed me to something that I am enjoying but wouldn’t have thought I’d like. Go figure!

It’s good to check things out and try new things. Sometimes the ego mindset is to try everything and craves the pleasures of trying new things. Sometimes the ego mindset is to criticize all new things and reject them.

I suggested to a good friend of mine to try a vegan diet because it would give her more physical strength [2] and ability to recover from her rigorous exercise routine. She scoffed. She said she was NEVER going to do that. But then she did some research and decided to try it. She’s very happy [3] now with her vegan diet.

What have you opened your mind to that you never thought you’d be interested in? Please share in the comments below!

In Sunday’s blog on the Kirtan Kriya, I explained about my 40 Day Kirtan Kriya Challenge. I’m excited for us to build some group momentum [4] and I do hope you’ll check it out and join us.

There’s no cost to join the challenge – this is just a gift [5] from the Power of Love Ministry to you.

Click here to learn more about the Kirtan Kriya 40 Day Challenge! [6]

It’s my joy to share this spiritual practice that supports us in so many ways. Let’s have fun with it together!