Angelic Assistance

October 31, 2020

The angels are always there for us - thank God!

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I’m one of those people that believes that spiders and other insects are to be captured and released back to the wild.  When I find a spider in the house I put a glass over it and then capture it and put it outside.  

Sometimes it can be tricky to capture an insect.  They can be fast and evasive.  Yesterday there was a rather large spider in the living room and it didn’t wish to be caught, even though, it was ready to get outside again.  Rather than struggle with it, I asked the angels for help.  Before you know it the spider presented itself again and was easy enough to catch and release.  

Thank you, Angels!

One of the most common causes of difficulty in our lives is that folks struggle with going it alone.  So often, people don’t believe there is divine assistance so they’re not open to receiving any and then they get their wish – to do it themselves.

I’ve realized there’s no benefit to doing it themselves.  None at all.  Suffering isn’t beneficial in anyway whatsoever.  Struggling on your own is, in fact, wasteful.  All of heaven will help us when we’re willing to choose Love and to be of service to the Light.

When we think we’re on our own, then life seems to be against us.  When we’re willing to recognize that we’ve got God and the angels to support us, then life is much easier.  

We do have to be willing to accept divine assistance in order to experience it.

Once we get the hang of it, life improves considerably!

Are you going it alone?  Would you ask the angels to help you without telling them how to help you?

Please share your experiences and let me know your experiences of asking for assistance and receiving it.  

One thing to note is that some folks are attached to the idea that they are so unworthy that God has abandoned them and they’ll only allow more of that experience of feeling left out.  If you feel that’s your story, then please, give the story and all your belief in it to Spirit for healing.  Invite the angels to show you that you are loved and supported and they surely will.  Then, your challenge is to be receptive.

I’ve learned the INCREDIBLE power of being receptive to Spirit’s Love and assistance and I can’t say enough about how WORTHY we ALL are!

Let’s open to receive divine assistance now.

We’re entitled to miracles and now is the time to experience them!

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