Avoiding the Trickster

October 23, 2020
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With our active spiritual practice we bring the beauty with us everywhere!

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Our spiritual practice makes a difference for every being on this planet. When so many are suffering and it can seem like we don’t know how we can really be effective in relieving the pain of others, it’s so important to know that our spiritual practice of prayer and meditation brings tremendous benefit.

Having talked with so many spiritual students over the years, I’m aware that it’s common for people to put off their spiritual practice in favor of getting small errands and chores done. To our ego-identified self, we get a sense of accomplishment when we can tick off something from our to do list. However, that sense of satisfaction, meaning and purpose is short-lived.

It’s a trickster.

What really brings lasting benefit is our practice of patience, kindness, gentleness, compassion, and generosity. When we can be mindful all day, we’re bringing benefit to all. When we can learn to be patient with situations we used to be upset by, we’re bringing benefit to all.

When we feel worried or concerned about people we can see them in good health, happy, enjoying life, and prospering instead of entertaining negative fantasies about them.

This spiritual practice does take practice.

We can do it every day all day and get very good at it, thus transforming our life and the lives of our brothers and sisters. It’s so worth it!

Thank you for practicing with me today!

Today, with our effective spiritual practice, we avoid the trickster and bring benefit to all!

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