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Breathing and Healing

What I’ve really come to love about the spiritual approach to life is that every day, every hour every moment can be a part of our spiritual practice.  I used to feel this was a burden.  I couldn’t bring myself to pay attention ALL of the time – that was too much to ask of myself.  It felt so burdensome.

The burden was in the judgments I had against myself, not in the actual practices.  By releasing more and more judgments, I was able to make my spiritual practice more and more easeful and graceful and that has blessed my whole life.  Now, I can be grateful for each opportunity I can find to turn whatever I’m doing into spiritual practice.

One very beneficial way we can increase our vitality is through breathing consciously.

This is one of the things that my kundalini yoga practice has taught me.  If I sense myself getting tense, I turn to deep breathing.  This is something anyone who has the ability can do without cost at anytime.  

Here are the benefits of long, deep breathing:   

That’s a LOT of benefits!!!

There are some healing techniques that you can use and you can read about them here. [5]    You can also join my 40 Day Meditation Challenge – it’s a simple practice that many are finding so very helpful.  It’s free to join us Click here now to learn more. [6]

I urge you to become a “breath expert.”

One thing I do almost every day is to practice long deep breathing white light meditation lying down in bed first thing in the morning.  I usually wake, go to the restroom, wash out my mouth (I use a tongue scraper) and go back and lie down for about 10 to 20 minutes of deep breathing while lying down using an abdominal breath.  

Breathing slowly and deeply I start by fully exhaling. Be sure to exhale fully and get that old stale air out, bring in that fresh new air.  It’s even better if you can step outside for a couple of minutes and do the long deep breathing.

Inhale filling first the belly, then expanding the chest, and lastly lifting the upper ribs and clavicle. The exhale is the reverse: first the upper deflates, then the middle, and finally the abdomen pulls in and up to fully exhale, as the belly pulls back toward the spine. 

While I’m practicing this deep breathing, I’m visualizing myself filled and surrounded with golden white Light and I make I AM statements of positive affirmation.

“I AM the purity [7] of Love.”  Is a favorite.  “I AM the light of the world.”  “I am an eternal being of infinite Love.”  You can find the ones that resonate most for you.  

It’s a simple practice that starts each day with Self-Love and self-care and all those benefits in the list above!! WOWZER!

Some people cannot breathe deeply.  I’ve had friends who had major issues with their lungs and breathing deeply is not something they can easily do.  We can consciously send love and light to anyone having difficulty breathing while we’re breathing deeply and that becomes an added bonus in our spiritual practice.  We don’t have to think of anyone in particular.  Let all beings find ease and grace in their breath.

Have you practiced long deep breathing and know the benefits?  Are you participating in the 40 Day Meditation Challenge?  Please tell us about it and share in the comments below!  Let’s join together for our healing and inspire each other!  Thank you!