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No More Tolerating Hate Speech

No More Tolerating Hate Speech

October 16, 2020
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We can do this!

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Yesterday, I saw a headline that startled me and so I posted the link to the article with the picture

And I asked this question:

“I’m curious, do you think she would feel like HER workplace was hostile if someone used the word that begins with c and rhymes with runt? Just wondering … what are your thoughts?”

The comments quickly became political, which is not what I had been hoping for. And so, I spoke up in the comments and then I revised my post all together and said this (with a couple of additional edits):

To me, this is not about politics and it’s not about this 1 person’s statement, opinion or perception: If I were a black person and someone used the N word in my work environment, I would not feel safe.

Heck, I’ll be honest you, as a white person, I wouldn’t feel safe if someone started using the N word – I would, of course, use my awareness as a spiritual student to bring Love and compassion to bring forth the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

AND, if I didn’t have that ability, if it were me 30 years ago, I, FOR SURE would feel threatened and not safe with people using racial slurs. Because of how I was raised, I would endeavor to help the people who were using those words to raise their awareness – but that doesn’t mean it would be safe or comfortable for me.

If someone used the C*nt word in my environment I would not feel safe. I’ve had that happen and I didn’t feel safe. If people use derogatory, racial, sexual slurs around me I am not feeling myself to be in a safe environment. BECAUSE IT’S NOT SAFE. It’s not safe for ANYONE.

When people are derogatory and sarcastic, and using words that are attack words, it is an unsafe environment for EVERYONE.

If someone attacks ANYONE, they attack EVERYONE. All is one.

There’s nothing political about my bringing this up. This is about the SOCIETY and CULTURE in which we live. This is about what we find acceptable and unacceptable.

Right now, I live in Vermont, where it is 99% white people. And there are BLACK LIVES MATTER signs everywhere. There have been regular BLM demonstrations here in the town square, week after week, with ONLY white people.

This is about realizing that hateful words cause a disturbance that is NOT TO BE TRIVIALIZED.

If you were the only Jew in the room and people started using words that are derogatory ONLY about Jews, you would feel threatened and disrespected. Of course, you would.

My point is not about politics. Take the woman’s photo off this headline, her name and her opinion and just see this:

Using The N-Word at Work Doesn’t Make A Workplace “Hostile”

I’m interested in cultivating a society and community that values loving sensitivity and absolutely NO MORE TOLERANCE OF HATE SPEECH.

We must change our minds about tolerating this kind of talk in our culture. NOW.

We don’t attack the ones who use hate speech because clearly, they are already feeling attacked and threatened or they would be speaking differently. They would be living from their loving heart if THEY felt safe.

The only way that we can ALL feel safe is if we care for each other and stop attacking, and tolerating attack.

>The attacker ALWAYS feels attacked.
>The judger ALWAYS feels judged.
>The lover ALWAYS feels beloved.

Why? Because it’s EMANATING from them.

Let’s teach ONLY Love for that IS what we ALL are.

No more tolerance of hate speech.

When we hear something, see something, let’s say something – and let it be kind, from our heart. WE CAN DO THIS!

It is ours to do!
I love you!

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