Prodigal Daughter?

October 18, 2020

Let’s anchor the kingdom in our hearts and share the benefits with everyone!

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I used to feel like there was some kind of invisible lid on my life. Maybe you could call it a spiritual glass ceiling.

I felt that no matter what class I took or book I read, I was still not having the breakthrough and momentum that I so deeply desired. I began to feel quite discouraged. I thought it was me. I began to think that it was just more evidence that something was wrong with me. (Though, truth be told, I’d didn’t see a whole lot of people around me having amazing breakthroughs and healing.)

Sometimes I’d think that there was some mysterious, magical code that I must be missing. I mean, it had to be something like that because I was putting so much time, money and effort into my spiritual studies. I just wanted to find out what the code was, and who had the key.

Well, it turns out that I had the code, AND I had the key.

In a sense, it was like that moment when Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz, realizes that she had the power all along. The difference is, it didn’t happen for me all at once. It dawned on me slowly.

One thing I learned is that the truth is written in our heart. It’s already there, pre-installed, but we do have to decide to access it in order to experience it.

The way we access it is through our willingness, our desire, and expressions of Love.

I found the path that I was looking for in my own heart.
The path I was looking for was to loving myself.

I had to be willing to Love myself enough to release all the blocks to Love.

Dorothy’s journey is archetypal.
She’s a kind of prodigal daughter.

Think about it:
She gets mad.
She runs away from home.
She gets lost in a foreign land.
She has a lot of adventures, but she really just wants to return home to the love of her family.
When she returns, she’s waking from a dream.

The dream of not having, lacking, wanting and searching ultimately leads us all back to our hearts. There’s no where else to go.

So, of course I had to stop looking outside myself and come back into my heart. That’s the great journey. AND no matter where we are in the journey – we can drop what we’re distracted by and come back into our hearts RIGHT NOW. We don’t have to wait! FOR REAL.

That’s the thing about the ego – it’s always conditional. To the ego, everything is conditional. Everything has to be earned. The Spirit doesn’t work that way because Spirit is a NOW system. LOVE is a NOW thing. Love ONLY exists in the now. Ego is always in the past or the future.

Our journey home to our heart is NOW. That’s the only time we can experience it is now.

That glass ceiling I was feeling, that resistance and reluctance – that stuckness – was simply the belief that I was lacking and that I didn’t have what it took.

We all have what it takes!

We’re all pure Spirit – how could we be lacking?

Today’s the day to truly practice the Presence, with gratitude and Self-Love.

Today is our day to wake from the dream of endless limitations. We already have the power!

All we must do is look where we can find – and that’s within.

We must return home to our heart to feel whole.

No matter how ugly you think it might be inside your heart, no matter how empty or depraved – that’s where the kingdom is. The kingdom is just underneath whatever rotten thing you think might be there. Look past the delusion of less than and not enough and you will see the kingdom.

A Course in Miracles tells us we are God’s treasure. Let’s live as if we knew it!

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