Spirit’s Guidance Can Be Trusted

October 9, 2020

Let’s place our full faith in Spirit’s guidance.

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As I write this, I just finished offering my 7 Simple Steps to Interrupt Patterns of Fear free class (I’m offering the last one tomorrow, Saturday). I feel so uplifted and grateful. When I’m sharing in this class, I’m remembering the things I went through and how I got to where I am now. What an amazing journey it has been.

One of the things I’m most grateful for in my life is something that Melissa shared in the class – she’s grateful that she has learned to pray an effective form of prayer. That the practices we do in the classes actually work.

We can prove that Spirit is at work in our lives.

I’ve been so resistant and reluctant to follow Spirit’s guidance in my life – to breakthrough to a great willingness has been extraordinary. I never thought it was possible for me – until it was.

I say, give any and all concerns you have completely over to Spirit and let Spirit do it. Take your hands off it and trust, trust, trust.

I was forced to trust or collapse and I decided to trust Spirit.

I thank GOD for that. I thank GOD for the challenges that forced me to try the path of trusting Spirit instead of trusting in my own ability to figure out how to solve the problem. Phew!

Spirit knows the mindset that created the problem cannot offer a solution.

We must trust to have a breakthrough.

If you’re ready to learn this level of trust that is so life-changing – join my Spiritual Bootcamp class – Finding Freedom From Fear – we start on Monday.

TOMORROW I’m offering you this class as a gift.  My gift to you.  Come and join me.  Tomorrow.

7 simple steps to interrupt the patterns of fear.

I’ll share the practical tips and tools that worked for me, so you can interrupt those patterns of fear and attack and make new choices, creating new habits that support the life you desire.

MONDAY:  My  Finding Freedom From Fear, spiritual bootcamp class with ACIM principles starts Monday, October 12th.  

Join me and you’ll be able to close out this year feeling like you had one of the best years ever! This is your chance, if you’d like to join me and GO FOR IT!

Trust your intuition! If you’ve been thinking about doing my Finding Freedom From Fear Bootcamp for a while, but just haven’t been ready, consider booking an exploratory call with one of the spiritual counselors.  They can answer all your questions and you’ll know what’s best for you. 

  Book an exploratory call today!

If this is right for you right now, you’ll know it.

My Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp isn’t for everyone – it’s for those who are willing to dive in and do the work to free their mind.  Click here now to learn more.

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