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Do you ever feel like you’ll never find your way to feeling really good?  I’ve felt that way.  

Have you ever felt like you’re doomed?  I’ve felt that way too.  

Fortunately, these are temporary feelings of upset [1] and pain.  

If we’re willing to open our mind we can release the burden and the suffering.

A Course in Miracles tells us exactly how to free ourselves from feeling damned.  That’s what salvation is, it’s our liberation from believing all the stories we’ve made up.  We can make the choice [2] for salvation, but sometimes we resist simply because we’ve become so identified with being wrong, bad, undesirable, and rotten that we would feel lost without that false identification.  

We cling to the story we’ve made about ourselves simply because we made it.

We love the story we made up because we made it.

We love the story we made up because we’ve invested so much into it.

Would you be willing to let go of your investment in thinking you don’t deserve perfect happiness?  It’s something to honestly consider.

Who would you be if everything you believed about yourself was actually completely untrue?  Would you be okay with discovering that all your struggles were meaningless?  These are the valuable questions that A Course in Miracles asks us to consider. 

Ultimately, we’ll be choosing salvation.  Saving ourselves IS saving the world.  It’s tempting.  Consider being able to  save the world without being a martyr.  If you knew you could succeed would you be willing to be the savior?  Would you be willing to be ALL IN [3] for LOVE?

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