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The Appeal of Hell

Haven’t we all chosen hell when we didn’t have to?  Sometimes we do it to spite ourselves or someone else.  Sometimes we feel compelled and can’t resist.  It’s a crazy world and we can lose our minds in it.

I can remember actively choosing the very things that I knew would cause me harm.  Even staying up too late would be something completely unnecessary that would then have repercussions that I didn’t need.  

I would get into an argument with someone and then go too far.  

Then I’d feel guilty [1] and ashamed and angry because I felt guilty and ashamed.

I’d want to blame [2] it on someone else, but always [3] knowing [4] it was my choice [5], and I blew it.

There is a choice for hell.

Sometimes we make it.

I notice that I don’t do that anywhere in my life anymore, but I used to do it all over the place.  So, that’s the good news.  

How did I do it?

Forgiveness works.

Doing the real spiritual work of interrupting the patterns, choosing Love, self-forgiveness, extending compassion and all of the things that I teach about.

I’m so glad to have found things that actually work, for real.

We can choose heaven.  We don’t have to choose hell.  We have choice.

We can choose Love and Peace instead of hell.