Undoing Ego Thinking

October 20, 2020

Let’s stay off the pain train and heal the thoughts that brought us to the station.

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In my podcast today, I’ll be sharing about Undoing the Ego Thinking.  This is the primary focus in my classes – so that we can feel more Peace, Love and Joy. The ego thought system is one that ensnares us, like a fly caught in a Venus trap.  We felt the attraction, we got caught, stuck and trapped.  We didn’t have the strength to get out.  

All of that can change.

Our willingness to get off the pain train and stay off is all that’s Required.

I’ve done a battle with pleasure and pain in a way that is familiar to any folks.  I’ve gone after pleasures of eating, exercising, drinking and even smoking to excess so that I am absolutely clear that I’m not helping myself, not enjoying myself and in some twisted way punishing myself.  It was demoralizing and I’m very glad I don’t feel compulsive about that kind of behavior any longer.

This experience of confusion between pleasure and pain could be something like a lovely dessert that becomes two or three portions and then a feeling of way too much sugar.  I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I used to do that with chips, popcorn and crackers.  I’d feel that I’d eaten too much and definitely too much salt.  

I notice now that I rarely overeat, and I rarely eat things that I regret and that’s HUGE for me.  I know now that it happened because of my willingness to do the self-forgiveness inner work.  This is why I feel compelled to keep offering opportunities to do this work in a group – so we don’t get overwhelmed by our resistance and reluctance.

Every year, folks in class with me tell me stories of how they did the class work and they naturally experienced losing a bunch of weight and keeping it off, having arthritis pain lesson dramatically and then needing fewer and fewer pain killers, as well as, of course, chronic pain disappearing entirely.

I think for some people the constant feeling of physical discomfort is what keeps them in the cycle of negative pleasure.  I can remember feeling that some form of self-medication was “all I had” that brought me pleasure.  It was “all I had” to take my mind off my unhappiness.

I used so many things that were enjoyable in small doses but became painful in larger doses.  They were all meant to distract me from my feelings, but they only led me into a deeper hole of feeling that I was a fake and a failure.

It’s so liberating to be able to enjoy the pleasures of life without feeling addicted or compulsive towards them.  I feel that my whole life is better because I’m not having to control my impulses, I’m naturally choosing the things that are self-loving.  It’s a whole different way of living.  It’s a MAJOR release of worry and guilt and shame.  YAY!

It’s because spiritual practice has eliminated the ROOT CAUSE of my negative pleasure habits.  DOUBLE YAY!

This healing has definitely brought me a constant feeling of higher vibration in my beingness.  

Living at a higher vibration, I notice that I naturally am less interested in lower vibrational choices, so I don’t have to struggle with behavior modification and trying to release those negative pleasure habits – they fell away gracefully.  HALLELUJAH.  I didn’t even IMAGINE that was possible for me.

The healing power and presence of God’s Love is REAL.

I know that now.  I also now know that it’s available for everyone.

I really didn’t think I’d be able to get to the place I am now.  The main turning point for me was when I made my spiritual life and practice the most important part of my life.  It was during that time that I shifted into the healing practices that became my Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp and my life began change for the better – and it’s continued to this day.  

My whole orientation changed and I began to achieve lasting success and the healing took hold in my heart and mind.

I no longer have any days where I feel like I’m sliding back.  That feeling is gone and I am forever grateful!

Are you interested in Spiritual Counseling or just developing your relationship skills? You might be interested in my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive from November 15 to 21st – if so, please fill out my survey – I will be doing this intensive training in-person (most likely in New Hampshire where there’s a very little virus) and online.

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