Being Kind

November 23, 2020

Kindness matters.

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It’s very common for people who are in the middle of some difficulty to want us to be on their side. I can remember wanting to sway people to be on my side if I felt threatened by someone. I’d want to know that other people thought I was right and that they stood with me in the event of a battle.

I feel differently now, because I’m no longer interested in preparing for battle or going to war.

I’d rather we don’t take sides, and I don’t wish to encourage people to be on my side if there’s a disagreement. I don’t like feeling that I’m on a side and opposed to someone else.

I’ve learned that there’s a very large energetic cost to turning someone against another person, just as there’s a cost to labeling someone bad or wrong and fanning the flames of discontent and distrust. I’m not interested in going in that direction.

My interest is in choosing to be loving and supporting others and encouraging them to be loving. That’s where the most benefit comes from.

To turn my entire life in a new direction I simply began choosing more loving choices again and again throughout my day.

At first, they were small choices, very small. Like having patience waiting for a coffee in a store.

We can actively look for the opportunities to be kind, loving, patient, generous of heart and compassionate and turn away from the opportunity to be misleading, disgruntled, divisive and discouraging.

These small choices add up to a big change in how we live our lives. This I know. I am working it every day now for decades and I AM SO GRATEFUL that I can make positive loving choices all day long!

Let’s support each other and cheer each other on in our loving choices!

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