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Bird in Hand

The saying goes, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

I get it, but that may not always [1] be the case.

What if the bird in the hand is pecking at your hand and pooping on you?

What if the bird in your hand is saying mean things to you and completely disrespects you?

Many times folks are accepting all kinds of unkind and disrespectful treatment because they have grown used to it and they don’t feel worthy [2] of good treatment.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by other people’s negativity and we get caught like a deer in headlights and actually start towing to the person who is behaving in such an unkind way.

Sometimes we feel that we have to take people spewing their feelings on us just because they have feelings.

AND many times we attract that kind of behavior because of our thoughts about ourselves.

It’s a case of “like attracts like.”

Sometimes we need to take a break from birds in hands and in bushes and rebuild our sense of self-esteem in a truly loving and healthy way before we connect with birds again.

Unworthiness is as close as we can find to having a universal dysfunction. It stems from the unconscious guilt [3] that is explained in A Course in Miracles.

We’re here to be truly helpful [4] and nothing is more helpful then allowing our minds to heal from these self-attack patterns.

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