Compassionate Listening

November 6, 2020

Let us offer Love & Compassion to our brothers and sisters.

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In my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive, one of the things I demonstrate and teach is the healing power of compassionate listening. It’s extraordinary how much can be lifted, shifted and healed when we’re willing to set all judgments aside and listen with our heart.

This is one of the most helpful skills we can have and we can develop our ability to listen with compassion to a point that is truly extraordinary.


Because this IS what we’re designed to do and how we’re meant to live.

A Course in Miracles calls it “extension.”

When we listen with true compassion, we’re extending Love which is the only true healer there is.

We are being profoundly helpful when we offer compassion to our brothers and sisters.

Being able to listen with compassion to someone we completely disagree with is a level of spiritual maturity that we can attain. We can even be at Peace listening to someone we dislike. When we’re not judging, we can be at Peace.

Being able to have the willingness to listen with compassion is a great leap forward in consciousness.

This IS how we raise ourselves up out of the muck and mire of feeling separate.

During this time of intensity in density, let’s commit to a high degree of listening with compassion so that we can truly help heal the illusion of a divide between people in this world. This is our work to do – let’s get to it!

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