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Following Intuition

I just rearranged the furniture in my bedroom and I am SO happy [1] with it. Here’s my little story about it:

When I first saw this house and was doing a walkthrough of the rooms, when I stepped into the room that would be my future bedroom, I knew exactly where to put the bed. However, the way the room is designed it’s a little awkward to put the bed there. So, I didn’t do what was my intuition.

I put the bed on the opposite wall of what my intuition said because it seemed more logical given the layout of the room. Two months with it that way and I was reasonably happy, but I felt it needed to be different.

One, because of the way the bed was positioned in relationship to the door to the hallway. The Feng Shui was not the best.

Two, because my head was pointed north, which is the least ideal direction to have your head pointed in when sleeping, although I was sleeping just fine, I knew it would be best if I could flip the bed and put it on the south wall, which was the original placement my intuition gave me the very second, I walked into the room.

While my family was visiting for Thanksgiving and my birthday, I asked them to help me move the furniture. It was an easy move to do, and even though it didn’t make sense logically, I cannot tell you how much better it looks and feels to have the bed placed where my intuition had told me initially.

Don’t we all have many, many experiences where out intuition gives us guidance and we discount it for some logical reason only to find that we’ve made an error?

I make less and less of those kinds of errors [2], but still, far more frequently than I’d like.

I don’t judge and chastise myself for making the logical choices and missing the opportunity my intuition is trying to guide me too.

I say, “live and learn. I’m a learner and I’m learning. All is well.”

If I cannot learn from these small things, I will be missing even more opportunities. To learn anything at all is a blessing.

I do feel blessed, and especially so since I followed my intuition to rearrange the room. Little lessons mean a lot and prepare us for a future with endless opportunities to get out of our head and into our heart [3].

Following intuition often takes courage [4] and we learn to acquire courage through making these kinds of changes – I am grateful for my intuition. I’m SO grateful I cannot even imagine living without it!

Learning to discover my intuition is one of the most loving choices I’ve ever made.

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