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Grace and Gratitude

Today is Thanksgiving in the United [1] States and for many of us it feels sad.  This is the first time in my lifetime that there was ever a sense that it isn’t a good idea for families to gather and be grateful.  

This is a time when many do not feel grateful, because there’s been so much loss.

What we can do, to lift all those who are troubled up, is to actually take time to be grateful and contemplate anything and everything that we can be thankful.

Our gratitude will lift our vibration and, because we’re one with everyone, it will lift everyone.

All boats rise on this tide of gratitude.

If you’re feeling sad, that you can’t be with loved ones, or because of the losses this year, extend some love to someone who is having a hard time or might be left alone.  

Being of service [2] is always [3] a great way to feel better and to be lifted up!  I feel lifted just knowing [4] that I can send this to you and we can be connected on this day.  

I am grateful for you in my life!

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