How Could I Have Missed This?

November 29, 2020

All are worthy of Love.

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Have you ever complained that people just didn’t get you?
Did you ever feel like folks were taking advantage of you?
Have you ever felt that you weren’t appreciated?

I certainly have felt all those things and I always used to blame it on “those people” and think that they were just not good people.

I’ve come to see that I’m in the minority. Most people would have the same experiences and they’d think “I must not be worth it.”

I’m finally clear that I believed I wasn’t worth it – BUT – that thought so terrified me, I had to repress it, and project that fear out onto the “others” and declare that THEY were the ones who weren’t worth it.

Either way – it’s all about self-worth.

Also, whether I think that THEY aren’t worth my love and care – or I believe I’m the one who’s not worth caring for – it’s the same because we’re one.

For a minute, I had to wonder, “how could I have missed this for sooooooo long?”

Well, I didn’t want to see what I didn’t want to know about. I was “satisfied” to blame others and keep looking for the problem outside myself – because I didn’t want to look within.

Looking within felt like opening Pandora’s box.
When I did start to look within it was nightmarish.
I had so much self-judgment that I was completely disoriented for quite awhile.

I discovered a deep-seated self-hatred.
And ultimately I realized that it was all a house of cards made out of lies and self-deceit.

My willingness brought me profound healing – and that’s why it’s so important for me to share. I never, EVER imagined it was possible for me to get out from under the weight of my self-judgment, but I have. And I’m ever so grateful.

In a sense, unworthiness makes the world go around, in the same way, that a hamster goes around on a wheel. Spinning and toiling, and going nowhere while exhausting himself.

We use up all our energy trying to GET something to change in our lives so that we can feel worthy, when the only real way to make that shift is to eliminate the blocks inside our hearts to our worthiness.

When any one of us eliminates the blocks to Love we all have more love in our lives.

It seems hard to imagine, but we can really live in Peace no matter what the world has to offer us. When we feel unworthy of Love, then we’re going to interpret our experiences as proof that we’re not good enough. So, that’s why the only way to get out of this unworthy hole is to shift our minds.

I’m amazed at how much we can change our life and our experience. It’s the grace of God that no matter how low we’ve sunk we can still rise to greater and greater glory – it’s a divine impetus within us.

Last year I had a real epiphany around self-worth and I got inspired to offer a free workshop on this topic – and I’m bringing it out again, so I can offer it as a gift at a time when people can use a boost. Yesterday was my birthday and I’m calling this a birthday gift to myself – My gift to myself is to share this gift to you. I hope you’ll pass it on to someone else.

Please come and join me today!

If you suspect that worthiness is your issue, then you might consider receiving my gift. My Worthiness Workshop TODAY is my gift to you. Register to join me. THIS IS A FREE WORKSHOP on ZOOM.

There’s no cost, but you do have to register. Click here to register now.

This workshop is for people who are interested in making a change. When you register, I’ll send you a link to download the worksheet that you’ll need to set aside some time to fill out and bring to the workshop to be able to get the benefits. Let’s do this healing together and not put it off any longer!

STARTING THURSDAY My Undoing Unworthiness 3 class series is a FREE bonus if you register for the Masterful Living Programcheck out the details!

TODAY My 2nd gift to myself is that I’m speaking on Sundays with Spirit. If you’re not already registered, you can click here now to join me today! Sundays with Spirit is our online Sunday service – available to anyone at no charge, but you do have to register!

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