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Last Argument Ever

In the aftermath of Thanksgiving [1], and feeling so fortunate that my family could get tested for Covid and come visit me, I am grateful for everything right now.

I’m grateful for every challenge and every hardship that I’ve experienced because it brought me to where I am now and I like it here.

I used to fight with my family a lot, but that’s not happening now and I’m grateful.

So many painful memories of arguments that were soul-crushing, I haven’t felt that in many years.

I can believe that the last argument I had is the last one ever!

It’s completely possible – and that’s what I choose.

It may seem hard to believe, feeling unworthy had a lot do with all the misery I used to experience. If I could eliminate anything in this world it would be the guilt [2] that leads to the sense of unworthiness which leads to a life filled with lack and limitations [3].

If you suspect that worthiness [4] is your issue, then you might consider receiving my gift. My Worthiness Workshop THIS SUNDAY is my gift to you. Register to join me.

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