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Miraculous Power of Forgiveness

Every year at this time I offer forgiveness classes.  The reason is that I feel one of the times that folks are the MOST motivated to do the family forgiveness work is right before the Thanksgiving holiday, before the whole holiday season begins.

So many people have mixed feelings about the holidays because so many things get triggered at this time.  It can become a real emotional and mental storm – and then add in the rich food and it’s now a storm on every front!

Forgiveness can lead us out of the muck and mire.

In Masterful Living [1] we put a BIG focus [2] on forgiving ourselves for adopting false beliefs, energizing them with our attention and with building our life around them.

Most people feel forgiveness is for what other people have done, but the key to true forgiveness is forgiving ourselves.

The better we become at it, the less there is to forgive [3].  Our forgiveness is pre-emptive.  It gets out in front of the storm to dispel it.  

And that’s a relief [4].

I love the band REO Speedwagon, but I’m not interested in riding the storm out anymore.  No, thank you very much.

I can think of no greater gift to our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, in their time of need, then to do our own forgiveness work so we can be free to love them fully.

It’s a blessing to all when one of us can let the past go.

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing.

I would like to think of a new name for it.  Something like:  forfreeness.   

I’m for liberation – and I am 100% sure that spiritual practice is the way.  I’m so glad we can be mighty companions on the journey!

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