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November 5, 2020

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Yesterday, with my Prayer Partners and in my Masterful Living class, we were talking about the election.  Of course we were, we were talking about it all over the world.

I’ll be honest, Tuesday night I felt concerned.  I had a sudden urge for ice cream, a little comfort food.  I asked myself what would I do if the election didn’t go the way I wished it would.

Emotionally and mentally, I needed to be able to see myself taking steps to recover from my disappointment if that happened.  I’m proactive, I’m not going to stay in disappointment, so I needed to know what would I do to move through it.

I recognize, I definitely have an attachment to the outcome of the election, and I am ACTIVELY releasing that, and I have come to the point where I can be at Peace no matter what.

In terms of what I would do, it’s my spiritual practice.  That’s my go to.  

Without an effective spiritual practice my life would be so unpleasant.  

Without my spiritual practice and my spiritual community, I would be going up and down like a roller coaster and back and forth a yo yo – that’s how I used to live.  Like I’m in a little boat being tossed about on a very big and unpredictable ocean.

I remember what it feels like to have my happiness tied to life’s ever-changing circumstances.

I’m never, EVER going back to living that way.  

I’m sure that’s why Spirit gave me the mantra:  “walking the talk, and living the Love,” and an effective spiritual practice to go along with it.  

Key to my practice is knowing, and constantly, consistently, affirming this:

I am calling forth the highest and best for myself.

I am choosing the most loving choices I can find.

I am aware that the highest and best for ANYONE is the highest and best for EVERYONE because we’re one with each other.

I may not like everything, but if I’m willing I can accept that somehow, and in some way, this is for my good and I’m going to receive it that way EVEN IF I don’t like it.

I no longer reject my good – I accept it.

Spirit is leading me and guiding me every day, all the way, to the highest and best, most loving choices and I AM sharing the benefits with everyone because I AM one with them!

If I don’t walk the talk throughout my day, I won’t have the Peace I have now.  I’ll be back to living off-balance and getting on and off the pain train.

I’ve learned that a certain amount of spiritual practice in the beginning of my day and at the end, to book end my day won’t cut it.  

Of course, spiritual practice like that is really enjoyable and really helpful, and it’s what I do, but it’s not enough to give me the Peace I have with an effective spiritual practice that I use all day.  

Walking the talk and living the Love is an all-day spiritual practice that I am IN throughout all days.  

There’s an important first step to being able to really see the value of walking the talk and living the Love, and I made a video about it.  It’s part of a series I’ve made and you can get access to the whole series (my gift to you).  

Click on the picture below to check out my video series:

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