On Call for Spirit

November 11, 2020

We can be ready to answer the call.

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Right now, we’re “on call” for Spirit.

In the same way that a doctor might be “on call” in case of emergency, let’s be on call for Spirit.

Ready and available.

To accomplish this, let’s take extra time for self-care right now. That feels so important. I notice that many, many people in my life are going through stressful shifts and changes.

Let’s put extra attention on self-compassion and self-care so we can be available for Spirit.

Right now, people are challenged with illness, loss of life, feeling divided politically, feeling unloved and disrespected – so, one way we can be truly helpful is to make sure we’re “loved UP” all the time.

Being prayerFULL really helps too. Being prayed UP. Let’s pray before we make the phone call, get on the zoom meeting, leave the house or enter the building.

Let us be prepared to shine the Light of Love when it’s needed.

Because, it’s definitely what we’re here for – to be truly helpful – as needed.

And I’m so glad that we’re doing it together.

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