Prep For Being A Miracle Worker

November 3, 2020

Part of being a miracle worker is showing up.

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Here in the USA, things are super intense.  We can all feel the intensity because of our election and wondering how it will be resolved.  People have such strong feelings and fears.  And this on top of a global pandemic.  And then there are so many other issues caused by the pandemic.  It’s a very intense time.

AND this is the time we wouldn’t wish to miss.

This is the time for which we have decided to incarnate at this time.

We are the chosen.  All beings are chosen to be the Light of the world, but we’re actually saying a big yes to it.

In Masterful Living class last night we were talking about Spirit being the source of all the good in our lives and not the things of this world.  Let’s accept that this is true and put Spirit in charge, really in charge, of our good.

Let’s open to receive all the good that is ours to receive – this will TRULY make the world a better place for ALL OF US to live in.

During this time of intensity, we are really needed to hold the form.

We hold the form of heaven breaking out all over.  We don’t hold a vision of hell on earth.  Our job, our mission, our life is about holding the form for the highest and best to unfold.  

We can be vigilant only for God.  It might seem difficult to do this, but this is how we train our mind only to hold that which brings benefit and to let the past go. 

We were born to be miracle workers.

Time to get to work.

We have what it takes!  Let’s put it to use!

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It’s called “How to avoid the classic mistake that spiritual students almost always make.”  

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