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Receptive to Good

For years I blocked the flow of prosperity in my life and I didn’t even realize it.  Some of my loved ones had labeled me as selfish and so I began to think that was true.  Many folks I met believed it was “better to give then to receive.” And so I began to believe that it was BAD to receive.  I began to notice that many people gave with strings attached.  Sometimes those strings were simply expectations.  

I couldn’t stand all those strings and expectations.  I didn’t like believing that I was selfish.  So, I began to strive to be independent and not need things from people.  I became a hesitant receiver, and sometimes even a poor receiver.

People would try to give me help or assistance, gifts [1] and other things and I would reject them, fearing the strings and expectations.  I preferred not to owe anyone.  I preferred to feel free.  I didn’t know that I wasn’t free.  I was in a box of unworthiness and didn’t even realize it.

I’d become a really poor receiver.  I was a great giver and a poor receiver.

And then I started to have really intense financial challenges and I had no idea how to get out of them. With the help of my spiritual practitioner I began to work on praying to be receptive.

I began to reorient myself to be a good and gracious receiver. 

I began to think of it this way:  Everything I receive is from God and everything I give I give to God.

It doesn’t really matter who is giving or who is receiving – It’s all about being in the flow of the All Good. 

I learned to be able to give to anyone when I felt called and not do it from obligation.  I learned to receive from from anyone and not feel an attachment.  

I began to experience more affluence, more abundance and more prosperity right away.

Are you a good receiver?  Start to make an inquiry into your giving [2] and receiving abilities.  If you’re not feeling the flow, maybe you’re not willing to receive?  Take a look and see what you find in your heart [3]!

One way to increase receptivity was shared to me by a friend and it really works.  Try this:  start to dress up more and present yourself in a more attractive way (of course that’s subjective, but do what works for YOU), and then people will likely give you compliments.  Another way is to be more helpful [4] to people, and people naturally will say thank you.  

Notice if you can easily receive the compliments and the appreciation.  Do you feel tempted to push the praise away or minimize it?  You can practice saying “thank you” to those who compliment you.  I like to say, “thank you, I feel great too,” when someone compliments my appearance.

When someone appreciates what I’ve done, I can say “it’s my pleasure.”  

Being a graceful receiver is a good skill to have.  

It affirms our worthiness.  And that’s helpful.

If you’d like to be more abundant, be a great receiver!  

All blessings come from Spirit, no matter what form they take.

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