Saying Yes to Divine Vision

November 7, 2020

Start with the yes, and give Spirit the heavy lifting!

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I can remember many years ago a friend of mine said to me that it seemed as though things were easier for me than they were for her.  

I don’t know if that’s true, but I do understand what she meant.  

I feel as though I’ve gone through mini versions of many issues and I have worked through them – was it easier for me, or did I somehow realize that if I knew I could get through it, I did get through it easier?

I long ago recognized that something I really valued about my own personality is my willingness to hold to the vision I desired for myself and my life, REGARDLESS of whether or not I thought I had a chance to make it a reality.

I’ve learned the power of holding the vision and focusing on the vision.  

I invite you to consider the vision of the highest and best in an important area of your life that concerns you.

Are you willing to hold that vision and disregard any temptations to entertain a future you do not want?

This is so important.  It’s so valuable.  It changes our life.  

Be willing to give any idea you’ve been holding in your mind, that you cannot or you will not have the results you’d like.

Also, be willing to admit – is the thing you’d like to have happen a fantasy – is your fantasy some kind of false idol?  Which means, is the image in the fantasy a substitute for God?

Hold tight to the vision of highest and best.

Go cold turkey on the fantasy.

Give Spirit the heavy lifting – put Spirit in charge of bringing the vision to fruition.

No more fantasy.

Fantasy is like a drug – it’s a substitute for vision.

We can hold a vision of the highest and best in our life for ourselves and for the world.

This is important and good work – we do it together!

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