Spiritual Activism

November 2, 2020

I voted and I voted with my heart. Together we raise the vibration of all.

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Let’s REALLY be the change we’d like to see in our family, in our neighborhood, in our workplace in our heart. For myself, the key has been to hold a vision of Love and to release all grievances and to put my attention on that – rather than trying to figure out what to do in the world of form.

I am a spiritual activist.

I work at the level of the mind. Like my teachers: Jesus, Gandhi, King, and St. Francis, I take inspired action, but I start with prayer, with partnering UP, with releasing the judgments and opinions that could cloud my vision.

Holding a vision for a peaceful world is no joke, it’s a life’s purpose.

There’s so much power in holding a vision. Just think how many billions of people on this plan know these words, who said them, why, and what it meant to the entire world:

“I have a dream …”

King had a vision. It’s the vision of Freedom ringing through our hearts, our minds, our nation and the world. Freedom from tyranny, injustice and prejudice. The Freedom to fully Love and accept our brothers and sisters.

When we’re trying to change the world through working only in the visible we will tire easily and accomplish much less than those who take inspired action.

Inspired action comes from our loving heart holding a vision of the highest and best for all.

If you are an American citizen, and you have not voted, please make a plan to vote now. It’s never been more important to take a stand for Love. Vote with your heart and you cannot go wrong. Vote for Love and with Love.

If you don’t know where to vote or drop your ballot off you can text POLLS to 30330 and get the answer

Now is the time for us to fully commit to do what we came here for – hold the highest and best for EVERYONE.  Release all patterns of lack and attack and stand in the Light of Love.  This is our purpose.  

Being truly helpful starts in the mind and ripples outward.  Our time is now!

NOVEMBER:  Are you interested in Spiritual Counseling or just developing your relationship skills?  You might be interested in my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive November 15 to 21st.  I’ll be doing this intensive training in-person (in New Hampshire where there’s very little virus) and, for the first time ever online – so you can join from anywhere.  If you’re curious, but not sure, book an exploratory call with a spiritual counselor to learn more.  


Free Video Series: I’m making a video series about my experience of learning to walk the talk so that I could live the LOVE and I’m so happy to share it.  I’m releasing Video #1 in my Walking the Talk, Living the Love series today.

It’s called “How to avoid the classic mistake that spiritual students almost always make.”  

 And you can click here to watch it now:

I trust you’ll find it inspiring and helpful.  This is Video #1 of a 6 Video series so you can sign up to get notified when the next video is ready.  

You can also sign up for the waitlist of my Masterful Living program – I’m doing something extra special this year to offer additional support.  If you’re interested in my year-long program, I’d like everyone to know about this extra support option because I’m excited about what we can offer this time!  We’re going for it!  Better than ever!

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