December 2, 2020
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Let’s aspire to the mountaintop consciousness!

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OMG! I feel so blessed! For years I yearned to be a successful spiritual teacher and I had NO idea of how I could ever manage that. It seemed like mission impossible.

Allow me to define success, in this context, as being able to actually be truly helpful to others and also to be able to be helpful to myself by being able to pay my bills.

I have such a great Love of Spirit and of spiritual principle. My awareness of truth is so important to me – it is what I value the most in my life. And being of service is a great joy to me. I really love it.

If I couldn’t be of service, I’d find other things to do – I’d probably write about God all of the time.

But I really do enjoy being able to connect with other folks and learn about them and support them in giving up the stories and leaning into the truth, into that partnership with the Higher Holy Spirit Self.

I love being able to offer my podcast. When I record it I can feel the people listening and that connection means so much.

One of the keys to my experience of so much joy in my work and the life that I live, besides being of service, is that I have the aspiration to awaken from the dream of separation, to ascend in my awareness and to show others how I’ve done it.

My aspiration carries me through any difficulties and over any seeming obstacles.

It is truly a power tool!

I encourage you to have a clear spiritual aspiration that you keep in front of you always.

You will surely know the power of your aspiration before long!

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