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Guiltlessness and Invulnerability

When we feel guilty we will also feel unworthy – the two go together.

When we feel guilty [1] for any reason at all we will also feel unworthy of the good in our life – and unworthy of Love.

It’s like we’re throwing ourselves out in the cold, in a snow storm to be punished.  We feel unworthy of Love and to add injury to the insults, we also believe that we should be punished.

Then, because, in this world, our life experience is “done unto us as we believe” we will experience betrayal, hurt, and other kinds of suffering.  

We’ll expect a world of hurt when we feel guilty.

In fact, many times we won’t feel relief [2] until we feel we’ve been punished.

This is the craziness of the ego thought system.

The antidote to all of this is awakening awareness achieved through self-forgiveness.

Being kind and loving to ourselves is something people who feel guilty and unworthy have a hard time doing.

Yet, the truth [3] is that Love is our healer – it’s the only true healer.  And it heals with such speed and specificity that it is extraordinary!  We can tap into a field of Love and have remarkable healing – Our willingness is ALL that is required – nothing else. 

Not one other thing is required!  What are we waiting for?  Surely, let’s not wait till we feel worthy [4]!

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