Leading With Love

December 14, 2020
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We’re letting Love lead, so we can lead with Love.

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Here’s something that all spiritual students have in common. Let’s see what you think:

In Masterful Living class one time we were talking about a quandary we realized we’ve all experienced.

We understand that change and healing can be simple.
We get that spiritual practice can be clear and concise – and YET,
we’ve found that we’ve struggled because it’s simple but not easy.

Simple but not easy, ok, but WHY?

The short answer is “because we’re attached to our point of view.”

Have you ever gotten SO upset because you were right about how wrong someone was? Or maybe you just were so attached to making someone see your perspective and admit they were wrong?

These are examples of the fact that we can see it’s simple to just let go and move on, and yet we cannot do it and it seems SO HARD.

I used to be like a dog with a bone about EVERYTHING.

It was exhausting.

Now, I don’t wish to have that energetic anywhere in my life and definitely not in my heart.

Now, I’m a lover not a fighter.

I’ve shifted because of releasing so many attachments. Giving up the attachments is a healing power and presence that we barely know exists!

It seems hard when we try to do it by ourselves.
It’s easy when we REALLY allow the Higher Holy Spirit Self to transform it.

We give them to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing and we set ourselves free. A Course in Miracles tells us, Spirit will “undo all the consequences of our wrong decisions if we ALLOW it.” I’m big on allowing the healing.

When we feel weak and defensive we’ve got strong attachments. The weakness and the defensiveness can feel so demoralizing and demeaning. It seems as though the fear and weakness feed on each other. Counting and polishing our grievances certainly escalates the issue.

In order to FEEL free we must be willing to let go off our attachment to outcome. This usually requires self-love.

Our self-love motivates us and supports us in letting go of the need to be right and make others wrong.

It takes strength and fortitude to be compassionate and caring. Therein lies the rub! To get to the compassionate caring heart we must be forgiving. Amen to that! Let’s end this year with tremendous healing and forgive everything while we can without delay!

That’s what strength is for.
Strength is for transforming our lives because our hearts are fiercely compassionate.

In this coming year, let’s put our hearts first in EVERYTHING.

Let’s lead with compassion. Let’s lead with Love.

Masterful Living 2021 starts with a bonus class on New Year’s Eve. You can join us and I will do everything I can to help you succeed beyond what you thought was possible for you.

We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

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