Long Awaited Healing

December 18, 2020

We can dissolve the web of false beliefs with our willingness.

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Strong attachments are coming up for healing with many people I know. This is the time of year for it.

There are so many triggers around the holidays. Old stuff is coming up for healing.


Let this be the final go round for that old stuff.

When we’re triggered, it means that whatever the false belief is, it’s ripe for healing. Let’s choose healing now.

Why wait? We’ve put it off. We’ve pushed it down. We’ve avoided it in the past and now here it is again.

Now is the time for us to have the healing we’ve long awaited.

All that’s required is our willingness to let go of whatever it is that we believe that’s false.

We don’t even have to know what the falsehood is. All we have to do is stop acting as though we’re separate from Spirit, and Partner UP so we can let it go forever.

We truly can give Spirit the “heavy lifting” of figure out how the healing will occur.

That part is not our concern.

Willingness is our only concern.

It’s truly important that we focus on our healing this season and this coming year because clearly, there’s a lot of healing for us to do and when we choose healing, all are healed, because we share the same mind.

When we’re triggered – it’s time to call for a healing – allow the healing and be grateful that healing is even possible. We can be grateful that we don’t have to figure out how to have a healing. We can be grateful that the time has come for us to relinquish something that’s really been draining off our life force.

For me, just knowing that my healing benefits everyone is a powerful inspiration!

Would you like to feel more connected to Spirit and to your loved ones because you’re living the LOVE and walking the talk? Would you like to have a real trust and faith in Spirit so you can let go of the patterns of worry, doubt and fear?

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    Saying I’m Sorry
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