Love Is Our Liberator

December 21, 2020

We’re choosing healing as our liberation!

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Today is the day of Solstice. A breakthrough day – I am so glad for it as it means we’re moving closer to the lighter days and out of darkness. I love the sunlight.

As we are in our final countdown to Christmas, New Year and the transformative energy that these bring, it’s valuable to remember that the true healer is the Love that we’re willing to express, and share.

Love is our Liberator because Love is what we are.

Liberation is healing. Healing IS our liberation from false beliefs.

Whenever we make a loving choice it brings benefit to everyone. Sometimes we can have tremendous resistance to making loving choices – especially SELF-loving choices.

There’s a very strong belief that many have that all beings deserve to be punished because we’re all sinners. A Course in Miracles teaches us that punishment is not Spirit’s way – correction is.

We can practice that correction at the level of the mind. Spirit will do all the correcting if we’re willing.

To me, the greatest gift we can give our loved ones and the world is to make loving choices.

So, let’s commit to stopping all complaining now, and carry that through the new year.

A year without complaints, judgments, and criticism.

Instead, let’s focus on being supportive, helpful, kind, generous and loving.

This will bring us into alignment with our true identity, which is Love, and then we’re able to feel free of limitations!

We can answer the cries for Love with Love and this is our true purpose. It restores and renews us when we extend Love and compassion.

Isn’t it so wonderful that everyone benefits whenever any one of us chooses Love?

This is what I call walking the talk.

We’re walking the talk; we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

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