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December 28, 2020
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We can learn to accept and appreciate each other.

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Love is acceptance.

Love is accepting people where they are and not wishing to change them to “improve” them.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who wanted to improve you all the time? Doesn’t it feel like a constant judging, poking, pushing and pulling? That’s no fun.

Who would subject themselves to this kind of relationship?

And there’s another way – consider this:

Myself, I don’t wish to have people trying to improve me, but I do LOVE when people try to help me by helping me to see insights that I haven’t yet found. From my perspective, when you’re trying to help me with MY goals, then you’re expressing Love in a way that I can really feel it and appreciate it.

When someone’s trying to improve me it feels like they’re looking at me with a view of trying to fix me because I’m not good enough. It’s not that it annoys me or upsets me, (although it used to because I didn’t feel like I was good enough and I didn’t need anyone reflecting it back to me!), I simply don’t wish to be judged.

Additionally, and very importantly, when people are judging and attacking us, we’re not helping them by letting them continue. If we allow it, we’re aiding and abetting their accumulation of negative karma, and that’s going to be negative karma for us.

The answer? To lovingly request that they stop judging and attacking – which they may not realize they’re doing, they may think they’re trying to be helpful.

There are many folks who are downright mean and they think they’re being helpful – but that’s their ego defense. Deep down, they feel their unkindness and it increases their sense of guilt and shame. If we let them attack us, we’re contributing to that.

Prayer works, so we can use our prayers to help shift these situations.

Angels will help when called upon – never underestimate the angel’s ability to help us – our willingness and receptivity are a powerful invitation to the invisible

Let’s make a commitment to shift these patterns in the new year and bring more Love into our relationships!

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