The Power of Active Willingness

The Power of Active Willingness

December 4, 2020
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We can show our willingness through a willingness to cooperate with Spirit and choose HEALING!

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I used to wait for others to change before I’d make a change. If I felt someone had offended me or let me down, I’d hold onto my upset and resentment until they acknowledged they’d done me wrong.

I was such a strong believer in punishment.

In my Undoing Unworthiness class yesterday, I was sharing that the belief that others should be punished surely leads to our own belief that we deserve to be punished. And then we set about making our lives into a punishing experience.

And we can divest ourselves of that habit, that thought pattern, that belief by healing the underlying cause.

It’s not difficult, but it does require real and active willingness.

When we repeat the same painful patterns, life becomes dreary and it feels like quicksand pulling us down – we can break that pattern so that we start rising up and feeling a noticeable difference in our moods, our thoughts and our physical well-being.

So much is possible for us when we’re actively willing.

I’ve seen people heal every kind of thing in their life from finances to relationships, careers and bodies through cultivating an active willingness.

Let us always know we are worthy of healing!

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