December 16, 2020
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Our mind can be peaceful like the surface of a still lake - no matter what!

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My mother used to quote St. Augustine, who said “The reward of patience is patience.” Ain’t that the truth. Patience is its own reward. It’s worth celebrating.

Life can be intensely challenging. It can be easy to get upset and to spew that upset everywhere we go. It often seems as though that is the way of the world. And yet, there is a profound spiritual victory when we can exercise our ability to choose Love instead. What a great habit for our new year!

When we choose Love it’s worth celebrating. I used to be quite impatient.

I made up my mind to replace that weakness in myself by aspiring to be consistently kind, patient, generous of heart and fundamentally unbotherable.

To encourage myself, I began to celebrate my victories. I learned the value of a happy dance of victory. I learned to praise and congratulate myself for my successes.

Challenges aren’t as intense when we know it leads to our victory. I learned through my experiences that life’s difficulties have come to help me by challenging me to give up hurtful habits.

It may not get easier as fast as we’d like, but by taking life’s challenges as an opportunity to affirm our spiritual sovereignty and be unbotherable there will be many victories and most certainly daily victories.

Celebrate your victories and the victories of those around you! Really celebrate when you make the higher, more loving choice and cultivate your own magnificent happy dance!

Find your happy song, and make it your victory song! Be victorious every day!

Each time we see opportunities to be annoyed, frustrated, irritated, angry, sad, depressed, and hurt, and instead we choose self-compassion, it’s a victory.

When we celebrate our victories, we are affirming that we have the ability to make a different choice. This is self-empowerment.

Unbotherability is a choice. Let’s embrace it.

We have other things we can invest our energy into rather than being bothered.

Would you like to learn to be unbotherable because you’re living the LOVE and walking the talk?

Would you like to have a real trust and faith in Spirit so you can let go of the patterns of worry, doubt and fear?

If you feel inspired to join me we’ll do it together! My
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We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

In my Masterful Living Program 2021, I share what I learned that shifted me out of focusing on the darkness – and we put a big focus on Peace in our relationships. It’s s such a relief! Registration for Masterful Living opens NOW with BONUSES to inspire you to commit to your spiritual growth now and not get distracted.

This is my very best program and there are some great bonuses available if you sign up now!

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