We Are Light

December 9, 2020

We are Light.

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We are Light.
Light is what we are.

We forget this.

Just as moths are attracted to the light, ego identified people are often attracted to the shadows and the darkness. We can label that bad, wrong and sinful, but it’s really just an exploration.

Opposites attract.

We are Light attracted to darkness.

The thing to remember is that darkness isn’t real.
Darkness is nothing. It is no thing.

I have found it VERY helpful to remember that darkness has no power because it’s nothing but the seeming absence of Light.

If we enter a dark room, pitch black dark room, and turn on the Light then darkness is immediately gone. The darkness cannot argue or protest or resist. It is nothing. Only the Light is something.

We are Light.
Light is the power.

Let us always remember this and when it seems dark in our world, in our mind, in our life, we can choose to remember the Light is what we are and there is no opposition.

We can reach for the Light and we can PARTNER UP with the Light Beings who are always there for us. We can call upon the great Brotherhood of Light to surround us, enfold us and remind us of the Light.

We have the power to choose where we place our attention and who we hang out with.

Let’s put our attention on the Light and hang out with the Company of Heaven!

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