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We Have This In Common

One thing I find that I have in common with everyone I’ve ever met is we have habits that keep us reinforcing the belief that we’re unworthy of Love and not good enough. It’s crazy!

OMG – if only we could have studied this even a LITTLE bit when we were children in school! Imagine if we could teach 9 year olds all the ways that they’ve learned to perpetuate their beliefs in their unworthiness – they could then take that home and teach it to their parents.

Wouldn’t that be SO worthwhile?

And, if you know HOW to undo the unworthiness now, it’s not to late to share it with your children, grandchildren and friends. This work is such a game changer – I truly cannot believe that I didn’t get how critical this was until recent years.

I guess I just didn’t want to really see how unworthy of Love I believed myself to be!

This is Theo. He’s the neighbor’s cat and he knows he is TOTALLY worthy [1] of Love. He comes by on a chilling morning (25 degrees out now – snow on the mountains all around me) and he comes looking for Love. He actually likes to rub his head on my laptop when I’m writing.

Animals are so good at receiving Love – it’s one of the many valuable things they have to teach us.

I have a worksheet that I give out with my FREE workshop – you can still get this – just click on the Worthiness Workshop [2] banner at the bottom. My worksheet is all about uncovering the HIDDEN ways that we perpetuate our belief in our own unworthiness.

Working on these things – giving real attention to them will literally change your experience of everything in your life.

Everything on the list in my worksheet is a block to Love that we can remove.

“Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all of the barriers
within yourself that you have built against it.
It is not necessary to seek what is true,
but it is necessary to seek for what is false.
Every illusion is one of fear,
whatever form it takes.”
ACIM T-16.IV.6.

In order to move into healing, instead of looking for Love, we look for the blocks to Love in our awareness. The grudges, the grievances, the unforgiveness. They’ve got to go in order to open up the flow of Love in our lives!

When we remove the blocks to Love – which A Course in Miracles tells us is our function in this world – then we have more Love in our lives.

The blocks to Love are in our hearts and minds and when we clear them out, everything, literally everything changes.

That’s why last year this became a favorite topic of mine because I became so clear that this is a major topic for everyone. This weekend I’ve been leading my Undoing Unworthiness class and it’s been SO GOOD.

Just think about this – think about the things you’d REALLY like to have in your life:

What if our having them and, most importantly, enjoying them is all tied to whether or not we feel worthy of having them?

It makes sense doesn’t it?

Can we actually enjoy and have the things that we don’t feel worthy of?

How could we?

We know enough about consciousness to know that what Jesus [3] told us when he walked the earth is correct – “It IS done unto us as we believe.”

We may believe we’re able to manifest having a lovely home and relationships – but can we enjoy it and hold onto it if we’re blocking the flow of Love in our heart [4] and mind?

Will we feel worthy of it if we’re withholding Love and holding onto grievances?

No – we won’t feel worthy and this is why things seem to “slip right through our fingers.”

Think about something that’s most important to you.

Something that seems to elude you.
Or that you don’t even bother to work on.

Will you be able to magnetize it into your life, experience it and ENJOY it, to have and to hold with precious Joy, if you do not feel worthy of Love and Joy?

Can you see how important this is?

I invite you to work on this – you can use my free worksheet or not. No one is unworthy of Love. Love is what we are, but when we hold onto the blocks to Love, we’ll feel unworthy. It’s that simple.

I’m so glad it’s simple! This means we can actually eliminate the blocks to Love very quickly! Our willingness is all that’s required – and that’s a real and true willingness.

If you suspect that worthiness is your issue, then you might consider receiving my gift. Click here to register now [2]. This FREE workshop is for people who are interested in making a change. When you register, I’ll send you a link to download the worksheet that you’ll need to set aside some time to fill out and bring to the workshop to be able to get the benefits. Let’s do this healing together and not put it off any longer!

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