Concerned But Not Afraid

January 9, 2021

We’re holding fast to each other.

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Everyone I know is feeling strained from the intensity right now.

And yet, our function is to forgive it, to rise above it through having compassion.

We’re also really needed to be able to energize that the highest and best for all.  

Back in March, in the early days of the lockdown, I found that in the evening, around 9pm, my chest would start to tighten and it was a bit more challenging to breathe.  

I had flown back to New Jersey from Los Angeles on March 16, the start of the lockdown.  So, when the difficulty breathing first began, I did feel concerned.  Of course I did.  I wondered “could I have gotten covid on my trip?”

The first morning after it happened I felt fine.  And I felt fine again all day, until about 9pm again at night.  My intuition told me I was tuning into all the people I knew who were feeling worried and frightened.  I turned to prayer.  

I experienced that day after day and then it shifted.  Now, it’s back.  The past few nights I’ve been feeling that same tightness at night.  I wake up fine every morning.

I don’t feel worried or afraid.

 I feel charged.  There’s a great opportunity for us to move forward in Love right now.  I intend to keep my focus on Peace and Harmony, compassion and Love.  

I focus on what I’m interested in having more of, rather than what I don’t like and don’t want.

Keeping that focus is my job right now.  Let’s do it together!

We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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