Happy New Year 2021

January 1, 2021

Let’s celebrate that we made through the year!

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What a gift we can give ourselves through our spiritual practice. We can connect with the highest wisdom and we can let go of the greatest pains of the past.

We can liberate!

Each year at this time, I think about the trajectory of the entire year spread out before us. As I was saying in my New Year Reboot workshop yesterday, when NASA sends a rocket to the moon they set the trajectory for the trip. The slightest change will have the rocket entirely missing the landing spot. The same can be true for us, and the trajectory for our year.

Let’s choose a strong trajectory for the coming 365 days and let’s focus on our liberation from playing small, living in lack and limitation.

And still, with that rocket to the moon, NASA has to course correct all the way to the moon, to factor in the weather and other things that are shifting and changing all along the trip. We have to do that too.

A new year can seem like a fresh start.

I cannot stress too much how valuable it is to do focused spiritual work at this time. I like to give myself the gift of putting my time and attention on what’s most important to me at this time especially.

It’s as though we imprint the whole year with our willingness!

TODAY I’m beginning my 6 Day Challenge to End Self-Sabotage.  I’ve learned so much about self-sabotage, and I’m happy to share the research about how to shift out of it and make a HUGE gain in self-confidence and self-esteem.  

If you’d like to take this ride with me, you’re most welcome.  You can even get the 1st day as my gift.   Click here now to learn more about my 6 Day Challenge to End Self-Sabotage.

My year-long Masterful Living Program helps people establish an effective spiritual practice.  It’s not intellectual.  It’s from the heart.   This is what works to undo these chains that bind us to keep repeating the past.

We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

My Masterful Living Program is open for registration right now with EXCELLENT bonuses that expire.  You can talk with a spiritual counselor now to see if it’s right for you. There’s no charge to have an exploratory call. Click here now to book a free Exploratory Call


New Year’s Day Class:  End My Self-Sabotage Challenge! Register now for my 6 day challenge to End My Self Sabotage and my New Year Reboot is FREE – Yes, you read that correctly – FREE BONUS

AND if you register for Masterful Living 2021 BOTH the New Year Reboot and the Self-Sabotage Challenge are free bonuses!  With Masterful Living you’ll get $500 off my Stop Playing Small Retreat!  What!?  Yes, it’s true $500 off! – get all the details when you click here.  

I’m SO READY to rock 2021 and make it the best year ever.  I’m taking out the mental clutter, the emotional trash and stepping into the Light.  Please join me.  This is the best offer I’ve ever made!

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