Love Extension

January 2, 2021

Love is our nature.

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Often at the holidays people can get bummed out.  I know some folks who are SO glad the holidays are over.  It can be so intense.  Things come up for healing and sometimes we get blindsided.  

That’s when we need to realize we’re not the only ones.

Other people are getting blindsided too and they really require our compassionate understanding even though sometimes it seems like they don’t deserve it.  

Everyone deserves our Love and compassion – everyone.  

AND we don’t need to put ourselves in harm’s way.  

Repeatedly letting people attack us and forgiving them is dysfunctional.

What I know for myself, the more I love myself, the less attack I receive.  AND, every attack is a cry for Love.  

We answer the cry for Love with compassion.

Compassion is loving understanding.  It’s a kind of generosity of the heart.  When we don’t have that, we’re out of touch with our creator.  

We know we’re in touch with our creator when we have the capacity to extend compassion and kindness.  

When we’re in touch with our creator we’re going to feel safe, secure, valued, and every other thing we’d like to feel.  

The way back to our very best self is through extending Love.

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We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

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