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No Need To Be Right

In Masterful Living [1] onetime we were talking about how beautiful it is to realize that we no longer need to be right about everything.

Instead of fighting for being right again and again and again in our most intimate relationships, we can choose to simply acknowledge the other person’s perspective and give thanks for it.

It’s a truly wonderful thing when we can graciously accept other people’s points of view without needing to add our own or change theirs if we don’t agree.  We can just allow things to be as they are and enjoy the Peace [2].

I’ve seen such remarkable changes in my relationships, particularly my family, but also my friendships.  By no longer having contentious conversations we are able to enjoy each other and the flow of Love is much more palpable.  People feel so much more loved and accepted when we aren’t making them wrong a lot of the time.

If you would like to really have more Love in your life, make a strong commitment to end the need to be right.

 It doesn’t matter very much when we’re right, but it matters a whole lot when we can be loving.  Harmonious relationships support [3] our life of Love.

Let’s choose to be loving.

Let’s choose to foster Harmony.  Love and Harmony, these spiritual qualities are part of our true nature [4] and they feel SO good!  It’s really worth it!

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