Old Agreements

January 11, 2021

We welcome the Light of Love.

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One of the great pains of our life is that we don’t keep our agreements.

We fail to keep our agreements with our selves, with our friends and loved ones, at work, and all over the place. When we don’t keep our agreements, it can become like a dissonant noise in the background of our mind that is consistently draining off the energy that we have to be present in the moment. No kidding!

One of the great gifts we can give ourselves is to release the judgment we’re holding against ourselves for not keeping our agreements.

Sometimes it can go back many years that we’re feeling like a failure because we didn’t keep an agreement, we made four or even forty years ago.

To reclaim that energy is vital. We need the energy to help us heal the rest of our life. We need all the energy we have to be able to create the life we truly desire. There’s absolutely NO value in siphoning off our precious life-force in order to hold onto the regrets of the past.

This is how we get clarity.

The way out is through forgiveness.


Forgiveness is as simple as releasing the judgments. Giving them to Spirit for healing is the fastest path to healing.

It is such a gift to give to ourselves, to look within and pull up these weeds of self-judgment. They really do drain off the energy that we have to heal our bodies, relationships, finances and so much more!

We all have agreements that we’ve not kept.

Let’s forgive ourselves and move on! This is the year of our liberation.

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