Temptation of the Maras

January 14, 2021

Buddha can be our example.

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Some people who are highly identified with the ego will actively try to drag other people down to their low vibration so that they can feel more powerful.  Yet, no one can bring us down without our permission. 

It’s our unloving thoughts about someone that brings us down, not the person themselves.  We blame them, but, in truth, if we were able to stay in our loving heart, we wouldn’t be brought low.

The Buddhists teach about the temptation of the Maras.

Maras are beings who will tempt us to lose our seat and become upset.  Maras can only succeed when our view of life is distorted and not centered in Love.  They can only catch us if we’re catchable.

Before Buddha became enlightened, when he was sitting under the Bodhi tree, Mara came to tempt him.

The overcoming temptations of Mara strengthened Buddha and supported his realization of his true identity and Buddha nature.

In this way, Mara helped Buddha become Buddha.  And the same is true for us.

We can be like Buddha.  

When the strong winds, and storms of the Maras are blowing fiercely and the temptation is to fight, to retaliate, to defend and to be upset, that is when we can, instead of being blown off our seat, choose to strengthen our heart and find the unlimited power of Love within our Christ nature.  

There is a power within our heart, and that is the power of Love which is available to us all because it is our true identity.  

Being challenged is what forces us to choose between Love and hate.

The winds that blow against the trees make the tree find its strength.  Instead of cursing the ones who tempt us, we can bless them and give thanks that we’re growing more loving every day.

Love is my strength, my power, my everything.  Love Intelligence guides me always.

BTW, Thich Nhat Hanh, the great teacher who was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., has a beautiful teaching on Mara and the Buddha that I highly recommend.

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