The Rolling Stones and Life Changes

January 17, 2021

We’re finding spiritual satisfaction.

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Have you ever set New Year’s resolutions that you broke almost immediately? I have. That whole experience was an affirmation that I had no resolve. And yet, I have ALWAYS had the resolve for the things that meant the most to me.

How can we get to make choices that are life-changing and sticking to them?

I don’t know about you, but there have been times when I’ve been SO determined to accomplish a particular thing – (learning new software!), find a hard to find gift for someone, or even get a Starbucks green tea frappuccino – and I accomplished whatever it was even when it was really challenging! (Sometimes you just can’t find parking near the Starbucks!!!)

I remember when I was a teenager, in college, I was determined to follow the Rolling Stones around the U.S. with my best friend, Karen.

We had no tickets and no money.
But that didn’t stop us!

We made bootleg t-shirts to sell in the parking lots (don’t tell anyone-copyright infringement!) to raise money and our plan was to buy tickets from folks who might be selling them at that time. We put a sign “Rolling Stones or bust” in the back window of the car and we set off with 300 t-shirts our friend Dave silk screened for us.

The whole thing was kind of crazy, but it worked and we went to a lot of Stones concerts! It was a real road trip adventure. We had a vision and we did it. It was a blast! Woo hoo!

Accomplishing goals like that taught me the power of my mind to have a vision – seeing myself at the Stones concerts – and to follow through.

And yet sometimes, doesn’t it seem so much harder to hold a vision for a life without worry, fear, doubt, stress, illness, loneliness, and despair?

Why is that do you think?

Is it because it seems impossible? So, why bother?

Just because it seems unimaginable or impossible doesn’t make it so. Our mind is the mind of God, and we can hold things in our mind and bring them to fruition.

Things such as family harmony, healed body, life without depression.

This is the work that I do, that we do, in this ministry.

I can tell you that I’ve had prayer partners for more than two decades and together we hold the vision for our lives and that’s what we see unfolding. It’s so much easier to do this when we work together as team mates.

As we’re already in the middle of January, let me ask you:

If you had a magic wand and could change or accomplish 1 thing this year – change your life in 1 major way – what would it be? And why? What difference would it make in your life?

Place something in the comments and let me know! I will read every comment.

It will be my honor and joy to hold the highest for you!

We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

TODAY, you can join me for our Sundays With Spirit celebration. We’re coming together to share our inspiration in many ways. We’ll have a spiritual celebration together with message and music – we call it Sundays With Spirit. Please invite your family! If you can’t join us, you can catch the replay! Because we’re going to be live on Zoom, you’ll have to register to get the details. All are welcome, there’s no charge, but you do have to register unless you’ve already registered in the past. Stay on at the end and we’ll have a dialogue about how to rise above the battlefield right now or just join us at the end – all are welcome.

The folks who are in my Masterful Living program often start a relationship with one of these beautiful spiritual counselors. As we let go of the blocks to Love we allow ourselves to be truly supported in a way that’s profoundly healing! Please make use of this great resource and replace the fear with faith!

If you’re stressed or worried, please consider working with one of the spiritual counselors I’ve certified or that I’m training – you can book a session on a donation basis with all the counselors in training and the ones who are certified wet their own rates – look here:

Masterful Living starts January 25th  

If you feel called join us, and make this an extraordinary year of spiritual success!

This is my BEST PROGRAM EVER. If you’d like to give up being dragged down to the battlefield again and again – consider joining us. We start on January 25th.

You can jump into my year-long Masterful Living program right now. We’ve still got BONUS options. You can talk with a spiritual counselor to see if it’s right for you right now. There’s no charge.

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Registration closes January 25th.  Regardless of how it looks now, this is the year everything changes for the better!

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