Attaining Happiness

February 13, 2021
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Being in the flow of Love is our greatest happiness!

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Attaining happiness can feel elusive and complicated.  It’s tempting to ask, “why is this so hard for me?”    

When we don’t know the TRUE cause of happiness, of course we’re going to look in all the wrong places and all the wrong faces to find it.  Duh! 

The causes of happiness and unhappiness are hidden in plain sight.  We don’t see them because we don’t know what we’re looking for.  

I used to think happiness came from conditions such as my job, my love life and my body.

When the causes of happiness are conditional, happiness can be snipped away in an instant the very moment those conditions change because we’ve built our happy house on sinking sands of shifting circumstances.

When we build our happiness on Love then we’ll experience a healing transformation and unlock access to Joy.

Joy is a spiritual quality that, like Love itself, is unconditional. 

Most people who experience fleeting bits of happiness don’t realize the main reason they’re feeling happy is they’ve bought the illusion they have the thing that makes them happy, and, in the having of it, they are no longer wanting.

For most people, a momentary cessation of wanting is perceived as happiness.  It’s the temporary belief that “I have what I want, and therefore I want for nothing” that seems to cause the happiness. 

Actually, it’s the laying aside of wanting, the belief in having, that causes the happiness.

We’ve become so delusional that the absence of needing, wanting and craving is perceived as actual happiness. 

Our function is to choose Love and live a life of Love.

That’s our purpose.  

When we’re choosing Love, extending Love, willing to see only Love, and teach only Love, then we’re in perfect alignment and Joy is our natural state.  There is no other way.

Today, I affirm:

I AM choosing Love, extending Love, willing to see only Love and teach only Love.  I AM Joy-full.

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