Cultivating Patience

February 4, 2021

Turtles can teach us the value of patience.

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One of my first spiritual goals was to cultivate patience.

I’ve definitely accomplished it although sometimes I do seem to have less than I’d like.  That’s when I can practice being patient with myself.

One great thing about using patience as a spiritual practice is that there’s an obvious opportunity to practice many times a day.

And that’s a good God thing.

The challenges to patience throughout the day can feel like living with a drill sergeant who keeps asking for us to “drop and give him 10 pushups.”  It can be a real workout.  

It’s a mind training.  For real.

But isn’t that what we’re looking for?

Deciding to be unbotherable has been a great asset to me.  Cultivating that ability from my heart, my open heart has been a great gift to me.  I’m training to be unbotherable not by denying how I feel, but by choosing to see challenges as an opportunity to be more loving.

Am I always successful?  No.  I’m not.

Am I improving every day?  Most days, yes.  

Therefore, I am successful.

And that’s what matters to me. 

I don’t give up.  I keep going.  I am successful.

We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

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    My Birthday Prayer 2022
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