Faith Activation

February 15, 2021
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We are loved beyond anything we can imagine.

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When we decide that we’re going to serve Spirit in our life instead of the ego, then what naturally follows is the light in our awareness expands. With the increased light, we cannot help but begin to see that what has been acceptable in the past is no longer acceptable. We begin to let things go.

What was once valuable, such as watching the most recent episode of our favorite tv show, or catching up on the gossip at work, begins to be forgotten and uninteresting. That’s natural.

It’s the same when someone has gotten used to eating low nutritional food, begins to eat high value food, the tastes actually change. Where once a cigarette and a glass of wine were so satisfying, now they are of fading interest.

Those of us who answer the inner call, naturally “come out from among them.” We begin to find a satisfaction and sustenance “the world knows not of.” Friends that were so entertaining are now a distraction.

We develop a relationship with an inner friend. The Knower Who Knows. We learn to lean on the one who walks beside us at all times. And that relationship offers more than any other.

It can be scary. Like the one who is learning how to be a trapeze artist, in order to succeed, in order to fly through the air we must let go of the trapeze in order to be caught by the one who catches.

If we don’t let go, we cannot fly.
Trust is required.
Trust is the activator of faith.

In faith, all things are possible.

Faith is a journey of trust.

This is how we discover that we are loved beyond anything we can imagine.
In each moment we are making a choice of where to place our trust. Our choices are two: Love or fear. We know what our choice has been by how we feel. Trust Love, feel Joy.

When we learn the power of trust and faith, our path becomes MUCH easier, and Joy returns to our hearts.

If you knew Who walks beside you on the way that you have chosen, fear would be impossible. A Course in Miracles

I place my trust in Love.

I place my faith in Spirit. I choose Love and Joy today.

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If you’d like to get in on all this unfolding healing and the Joy that comes with discovering we can really truly prove that God works in our lives, don’t hesitate – jump now! Join now!

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If you’re not sure – book an Exploratory Call with one of the Spiritual Counselors who can answer any of your questions.

Follow your intuition. If it’s right for you right now – you’ll know.

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