Magical Thinking

February 2, 2021

God is our source in all things, including happiness.

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Magical thinking ALWAYS gets us into some kind of difficulty.

It brings a whole host of challenges with it and yet how many of us really know what that is?

I think this is why Spirit gave it to me as a topic for my podcast today.  

Magical thinking is when the answer to our problem, our desire, our happiness, is in the world rather than in our consciousness.  

Magical thinking is when we think things like this:

  • I have to know the right people to get ahead.
  • This drug is going to cure my illness.
  • If I can just get my weight down 15 pounds, then I’ll feel good about myself.
  • When I get the promotion at work, then I’ll be happy.
  • If I can just pay off this debt then I’ll be free.

These kind of thoughts are the way we give our power away to the world, to situations and circumstances, rather than recognizing that LOVE is the only power and that’s what we are.

“Teach only love, for that is what you are.” ~ A Course in Miracles

If we’re not teaching Love, what are we teaching?  

That our happiness depends on things in the world?  

That we have to make our own happiness, and make our own way in the world?

Happiness is our natural state, but we forget that when we’re focused on the world.

We’ve given the world all the meaning that it has for us.  

We can take our power back by relying upon Spirit as our source for EVERYTHING.  It takes getting used to, but it is the way back to Peace and happiness.

We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

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