My Journey to a Spiritual Career

February 7, 2021

I’m inviting you to live your very best life.

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In Masterful Living class this week I was sharing about the prayer I began praying back in the mid-’90s. I started to pray every day that my life would inspire people to take loving action in their lives.

My prayer was that my life would inspire people to get up out of the Lazy Boy Recliner, turn off the television and start taking powerful, healing, and transformative loving action in their lives.

I prayed this over and over again for many years.

I would see in my mind’s eye, and feel in my heart, the effect of more and more people actively being loving in their relationships, in their community, and all over the world.

I had no idea how it would manifest or what it would mean for me personally, but I knew with my whole heart that I wished to be able to inspire people to be more loving.

I, myself, deeply desired to be more loving.

I was (and still am) actively working on opening my heart every day.

Soon after I began praying that prayer, I started taking classes at the Agape International Center and then entered into the Prayer Practitioner training to become a licensed spiritual counselor, and then from there, I went into ministerial school.

It was nine years of classes by the time I graduated in 2006.

When I graduated from Prayer Practitioner training there really wasn’t any substantial professional support for me to begin my own practice or for clients to find me.

When I graduated from ministerial school there was also no support for me to step into ministry.

Having so little support in stepping into a career as a counselor or a minister actually worked out really well for me because it forced me to follow Spirit, and find my own way.

Finding my own way felt very difficult in the beginning, but the more I became dedicated and devoted to simply being loving, the more I was led and guided to what has become the Power of Love Ministry.

Part of what made it so difficult was that I had to everything. I didn’t have the money to hire someone to help me. At the beginning of this new career as a spiritual professional, I was working at other things in order to pay my bills. I couldn’t even begin to support myself with counseling and teaching.

I began to feel as though I was working ALL the time. Working to support me financially and working to grow a new career as a spiritual counselor and teacher.

I used to take all kinds of classes in marketing and try to learn as much as I could about how to get the word out about what I was doing. No matter how much I did, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough and I should be doing more. That didn’t change until I reached a point I call “the tipping point”.

When I got to my tipping point, my thoughts were more loving than unloving. I tipped over the Love line.

And that’s when my life really began to shift and become much easier.

Right before the tipping point, it was definitely VERY challenging. It felt like almost everything was becoming difficult. All my support and systems seemed to break apart and break down.

I was pushed to my limits. Fortunately, I FINALLY moved into surrender.

I went ALL IN for God.

In starting the Power of Love Ministry, I basically had to do everything for myself. There was no one to really help me. I couldn’t afford to pay anyone.

Fortunately, Spirit was my rock.

The inspiration came and I began offering my Finding Freedom From Fear boot camp and my Masterful Living program and people began having miraculous healing in their lives in these programs.

At that time, my father gifted me with a small amount of money to get some help learning about marketing so I could let people know about what I was doing with my classes and counseling. Just my dad’s loving support made a HUGE difference for me energetically.

That masculine support really changed things for me.

To all you men listening, don’t ever underestimate the value of your loving support to the divine feminine. It is life-changing.

In 2014 I started training spiritual counselors, and my goal shifted slightly – I saw the opportunity to not just offer people professional training, but also to give them support to launch their business, increase their practice and even offer them jobs doing what they love.

Now we’re developing training programs for teachers, ministers, and prayer practitioners. Folks who’ve been honing their skills in our classes are teaching their own classes and I’m more excited about that than teaching my own classes!

Having been in class with these folks for years, I’m very aware of how talented they are and how much they have to offer.

I’ve had to invest SO MUCH of my time and energy into administration in order to create the platform that supports the teachers, counselors, and prayer practitioners who are coming out to share their gifts now.

I’m able to offer them what I didn’t have – the opportunity to focus on teaching and counseling instead of on the administrative side.

There are SO MANY wonderful people involved in this Power of Love Ministry, in our Masterful Living Community who are stepping up and learning facilitation, counseling, teaching, and stepping into these leadership roles.

It’s time for the light workers to rise and shine and they’re doing it!

Together, we’re doing it.

We can create trainings and workshops that go into schools, corporations and communities as well as churches. Just imagine if we’d all been taught how to practice forgiveness when we were 6 or 7 years old, with a bit more training each year in school we’d have completely different lives.

I know we can implement this if we’re willing – Spirit will provide the roadmap.

For years, when I shared my goals, people would say to me, “how’re you ever going to do that?” I’d say “I don’t know. That part hasn’t been given to me yet.”

Spirit leads, we follow.
That’s the way we do it.

There is a roadmap in the invisible and there’s a path that’s being laid out for us.

Our willingness is all that’s required.

My Masterful Living program is the foundation of all these trainings.
It’s training in being miracle minded.

This year, people are seriously rocking their transformation and we only started 2 weeks ago.

I’ve decided to reopen Masterful Living registration for the year for about 1 week only and then it will be closed until next year.

If you’d like to get in on all this unfolding healing and the Joy that comes with discovering we can really truly prove that God works in our lives, don’t hesitate – jump now! Join now!

Click here now to learn more about my Masterful Living program for living A Course in Miracles.

If you’re not sure – book an Exploratory Call with one of the Spiritual Counselors who can answer any of your questions.

Follow your intuition. If it’s right for you right now – you’ll know.

No matter where we are in our lives, no matter what we’re interested in, we can let Spirit be our guide.

Our path is a path of Love, our journey is one of awakening to Love’s eternal presence. We cannot fail.

We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

TODAY, you can join me for our Sundays With Spirit celebration. We’re coming together to share our inspiration in many ways. We’ll have a spiritual celebration together with message and music – we call it Sundays With Spirit. Please invite your family! If you can’t join us, you can catch the replay! Because we’re going to be live on Zoom, you’ll have to register to get the details. All are welcome, there’s no charge, but you do have to register unless you’ve already registered in the past.

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