New Moon

February 11, 2021

Let’s plant new seeds of Joy and happiness!

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Today is the new moon.  So, today and tomorrow are the perfect time to give yourself a gift of doing a new moon ceremony.  

New moon represents the time to plant new seeds of our healing, awakening and spiritual expansion.

We can draw a line in the cosmic sands and make a new beginning.  

We can stop looking back, because we’re not going that way.  

Gratitude is our power tool to turn us around when we’re focused on the past.  

Our gratitude raises our vibration so that we can see, hear, feel and know more clearly the learning and benefit that’s encoded into every single thing in our lives.  It may seem crazy, but the mental/emotional shift that turns the tide of upset is to be grateful for things as they are.  

From this thankful place, we can set our intentions and plant new and powerful seeds for the upcoming lunar cycle, to bring forth great benefit for ourselves and others.

New moon is the time of new beginnings!  

When we’re actively intending to bring benefit, and be truly helpful, we’re shining our light in ways that are expansive.  We’re worth the investment of our attention. And after the crazy “energetic weather” we’ve been having this year – this new moon will probably bring some activation and some release for all of us.  Boy, can we use some relief and some release!

New moon is for increasing our willingness to let the past go and to have new experiences of Love and Light.

New moon is also a fun time to have a ceremony, especially the first new moon of the new season.  It’s like a rebirthing.

Right now, when so much turmoil is going on – a new moon ceremony can be something helpful to shift the energy and welcome healing changes! Today or tomorrow, gather loved ones, friends and family to make it a planting new seeds of high intention celebration!

I begin with gratitude and then being clear about why I’m doing what I’m doing.

I appreciate starting with setting of intention.
I intend to affirm what I’m calling forth, what I’m willing to receive, what I’d like to experience more of, and what I’m willing to release.  Release and replace is always a good plan.

Light a white candle
Have a glass of water beside you as you make your intentions and set your goals.

Focus on how you’d like to feel one month from now.
You can consecrate your space with offerings of smudge and prayer.

It’s powerful to write it all down. If you have friends with you, you may wish to share what you’ve written specifically or generally.  No pressure on that.  Make it a safe space. If you feel up to it, write yourself a Forgiveness Letter using my template to release any attachment to the upsets of the past, and then stand back and expect a miracle!  
Forgiving ourselves for our unhappy decisions always brings benefit.  

It’s nice to have a fire to place the offerings of what you’ve written – a fire puja is always lovely – offering prayers to the fire as well as any writing – offer it all! You can do that in a backyard fire pit, fireplace or a burning bowl. I love that part!

Open your heart to what you’d like to call into your life for yourself, your family, your community and the human race. Set your intention for expansion and clarity, purity and joy – what you’d like to experience this season!  I always focus on how I’d like to feel and am careful not to get attached to how things show up in form. Focus on what the feeling is.

Offer up prayer, chanting, dancing, having a meal – these are all wonderful parts of a new moon ceremony. Dance to celebrate your willingness to have a healing!  All of our prayers are blessed.  

What are the seeds you are planting in your heart?  Please share what you’re claiming in the comments section below!

May your release be complete and your heart be cleared for lift-off!  We’ve got important work to do this year!  

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If you’d like to get in on all this unfolding healing and the Joy that comes with discovering we can really truly prove that God works in our lives, don’t hesitate – jump now! Join now!

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If you’re not sure – book an Exploratory Call with one of the Spiritual Counselors who can answer any of your questions.

Follow your intuition. If it’s right for you right now – you’ll know.

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