One With God Is A Majority

February 17, 2021

We are crystalline beings, designed to magnify the good.

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Here’s a question that really seems worth asking right now: Do we trade our experience of freedom for protection? Yes, people do it all the time.

It’s very common for people to go along with systems and ways of living that they don’t like and don’t agree with in order to feel some sense of connection and protection from a group or leader. In a sense, we might say that’s what organized crime offers. It’s big business.

The question is really about you and me – do WE do that, and if so where do we do that and why?

These are the kinds of questions that I’m asking myself on a regular basis.

After all, we might all agree that there’s the truth of what’s happening in our lives, and there are the facts of what’s happening in our lives and then there are the “alternative facts” that are the story we’re being told and the story we tell ourselves.

One of the stories we tell ourselves is that we have very little power to change things and so “why bother?”

Why leave our “comfort zone” when it’s not going to bring any benefit?

My sense is that we buy into these kinds of beliefs because we don’t feel comfortable recognizing that we really do have extraordinary because

we’re one with God, and being one with God is a majority.

We’ve gotten so used to using our attention to focus on what we don’t like and don’t want, and a deep sense of powerlessness that it seems like it is just too much to stand in the truth of our magnificence.

Because if we stand in an awareness of our own magnificence then we have to be willing to see it in our brothers and sisters, and we really don’t want that. Or so it seems sometimes.

I often feel that the “I’m better than, I’m less than” thinking is the “root of all evil.” I’m intent on eliminating from my own mind, and I’m interested in traveling with folks who share my interest. Are you in?

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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